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Who are BTC???

Brockley Tenants’ Co-op has been working in Brockley for almost 50 years to provide housing for local people, and is fully managed by its members. 

We provide housing for people who are in housing need, live in the London Borough of Lewisham, and are willing and able to be regularly involved in running the organisation: we call this 'co-operability'.

We own 90 flats and houses in Brockley in South East London, and we also manage 72 which belong to Hexagon Housing Association. The tenant members manage our own homes through an elected Management Committee.   We aim for full and regular participation of all our members in running the co-op.

We employ five experienced staff at our office in Lewisham Way and our housing maintenance services are provided by professional contractors. The rents charged are around the same level as equivalent properties owned by housing associations.

We are a company limited by guarantee and a fully mutual par-value co-operative.  We are regulated by The Regulator of Social Housing and are members of the National Housing Federation, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing and G320.

We have many people asking us for housing. We keep a small waiting list and waiting times can be long. For more information on eligibility, see Joining the Co-op.  When our list is full we close the list to new applicants.



Brockley Tenants' Co-operative Ltd.

249 Lewisham Way, Brockley, London SE4 1XF
Tel: 020 8691 5898  Email: 
housing@brockley.coop  or  admin@brockley.coop