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What is Co-operability?

When reviewing applications, Brockley Tenants' Co-op balances assessment of housing need with what we call Co-operability.  This is to evaluate the likelihood of future members positively participating in the running of the co-op, as without member involvement the co-op cannot function as a democratic organisation.  Applicants will be required to demonstrate in their application their co-operability in line with the following examples:

  • A general willingness to express themselves and put forward opinions
  • A commitment and preference to be a member of a co-operative
  • A history of involvement in community based or voluntary activities
  • Previous active involvement in co-operatives
  • Work or volunteering in the area of tenant involvement
  • Work in the area of social work or any other job involving community work
  • Outside interests with a community base.

Applicants will also be expected to attend a minimum requirement of meetings of the co-op while they are prospective members (on the waiting list).



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