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Phew! We’ve reached a momentous landmark - we’re celebrating our 50th Anniversary!  

We’re pleased to say that Brockley Tenants Cooperative (BTC) has been delivering safe, affordable homes to its community for 50 years.  

Co-created by some members of the Windrush Generation, BTC is very proud of its 1970s origins, when at the time, some sections of society were still not afforded the same housing opportunities as others.

Come the 21st century, BTC is humbled to still exist at a time of great pressure on people and their basic needs to be housed and to make those houses, homes. There are major challenges in Lewisham borough in its attempts to provide safe, affordable housing to everyone and BTC has done well to endure.

So, we’re celebrating our Anniversary in several ways and one of these is a Mural as a long-lasting fixture to remind us of the importance of what we do.  

Located at 32 Algernon Road, at the corner of Brookbank Road, the Windows to Our Heart Mural was delivered by local muralist artists, Artmongers. The Mural is a collaborative effort between Artmongers and our Membership, where we had workshops and online activities to ensure that all of us had a say in the design we wanted.  
The design speaks to the complexities of urban living. It refers to a collection of windows that flow together and are interconnected. The windows depict the internal life of our homes through vivid colours patterns and wavy rhythms. The Mural celebrates the Caribbean spirit of adventure, as well as others from diverse backgrounds who joined the Coop later and who, thanks to it, can afford decent and safe homes to live in.  
Art being a subjective entity, that means that the Mural has already attracted lively discussions in on and offline communities. We hope it continues to make a vibrant impact on us and our surrounding community as it represents the important work we do in housing.  

Enjoy our pictures and look out for more updates about our celebratory events.  

Many thanks to the family for allowing us to paint outside their home.  

Image credits: Jaydon Cobb and Peter English


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