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Hexagon Housing Association has a longstanding relationship with housing co-ops, including Brockley Tenants' Co-operative, which manages 72 homes on behalf of Hexagon. 

Co-op members living in these homes have the same rights and responsibilities as tenants living in the homes that Hexagon manages directly, while benefiting from being a member of a housing co-operative.  Co-op managed tenants have access to Hexagon’s residents' involvement and community investment activities, including Residents' Day and the annual Co-op Seminar.

In day to day terms, Hexagon has a formal management agreement with Brockley Tenants' Co-operative that details the division of responsibilities for managing these homes. The Co-op covers most of the day to day housing management and maintenance services.  Hexagon provides stock improvement works and cyclical maintenance.


Brockley Tenants' Co-operative Ltd.

249 Lewisham Way, Brockley, London SE4 1XF
Tel: 020 8691 5898  Email: 
housing@brockley.coop  or  admin@brockley.coop