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Repairs & Emergency Repairs Numbers

Brockley Tenants Coop are responsible for day-to-day repairs for our own and Hexagon Managed properties.  Hexagon are responsible to repair the structure of the building, kitchens, bathrooms and boilers although Brockley Tennats Coop will often carry out these repairs on Hexagons behalf with their agreement.

Please report all repairs to the Brockley Tenants Office including repairs at Hexagon managed properties. Repairs can be reported to us in person, by visiting the office at 249 Lewisham Way, by telephone, call us on 020 8691 5898, by email using admin@brockley.coop or through online form via our website.

Please be aware that not all repairs are treated as an emergency.  We aim to deal with repairs in the following timescales; 

  • Emergency 24 hours
  • Urgent 3 working days
  • Routine 15 working days
  • New Routine 30 working days
  • Long term 87 working days


Out of Hours Repairs

Outside of office working hours, 5pm-8am, if you have an emergency repair then please call our out of hours services;

• For plumbing and heating – O’Neills 0794701782 – tommy-66@hotmail.co.uk
• For electrical emergencies – 24/7 – 020 8979 2220
The out of hours service is only for emergencies, they will NOT deal with day to day repairs.


Repairs Recharges

Some repairs are tenants responsibility to carry out, a list of these are contained in the tennats handbook.

Some repairs may be recharged to you for example, if one of your appliances is causing the electrics to trip then you will be recharged for the cost of the electricians call out.

If you report repairs out of hours that are not an emergency then we will re charge these repairs to you.


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