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Thank you for your interest in this co-operative

The co-operative has only a few properties that become available for new members each year.  It therefore does not operate a permanently open waiting list.  Please refer to the application procedure and criteria below.  We also provide lists of other housing co-ops in the area and local housing advice agencies whom you may want to contact to see if they are able to help you.  If you are homeless or at immediate risk of losing your home, contact Lewisham Council's emergency housing services.


Application Procedure

We operate a holding list of people who meet the criteria and have expressed an interest in joining our waiting list. Their details are held for a period of six months and if during that time the waiting list opens for a specific size of property, we will send out forms to everyone on the holding list interested in that size of property, inviting them to make a full application to join the waiting list. After six months you will need to contact us again and update your details if you wish to remain on the holding list.


In order to join the waiting list, an applicant has to satisfy all the following criteria:

They must live in the London Borough of Lewisham. Applicants must be registered with Lewisham Council's housing waiting list with a valid registration number.

They must be in housing need. A home visit will be carried out by two members of the committee to verify the information on housing circumstances given on the application form.

They must have a level of household income such that suitable private rented accommodation locally is not affordable.

They must demonstrate co-operability, ie that they are willing and able to participate in the work of the co-operative, and will be expected to attend a minimum requirement of meetings of the co-op while they are prospective members (on the waiting list).  See our page on Co-operability for more information.

They must provide two satisfactory references.

They must be able to show proof of identity and evidence of the right to remain in the UK for all members of the household who are applying to become members.

Please note the housing applications is currently closed at this time, we are only accepting on BTC holding list.