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Walk - In Surgery

Walk - In Surgery 

Money Management ie:- Rent, Universal Credit, Apply for help.

Open walk in surgeries

We continue to offer ‘Open Walk in Surgeries’ to assist any Tenant Members who may need help with their rent application forms for Universal Credit, other welfare benefit entitlements, CV support or interview skills advice. If we cannot help directly, we can sign-post Members to the relevant support services.

Assistance will be given regarding Housing Benefit applications and ongoing claims although tenants will also be encouraged and supported to take responsibility for their own entitlement to Housing Benefit.

Repayment of arrears by instalment will be offered and agreed between the Housing Officer and the tenant. Agreements will be flexible taking regard of any changes in the tenant’s circumstances.

Any agreement made to clear arrears will be confirmed in writing.

We are here to assist and to keep you on top of your rent payment.


J Dyal - General Needs and Income Housing Officer.